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Accommodation in Portaria, Pelion Greece

Portaria Pelion Greece

Portaria is a very beautiful and popular village in Pelion and one that makes a perfect place to visit whenever you are travelling around the Pelion peninsula.

Below you will find information about some of the accommodation you can find in Portaria.

Althea Traditional Hotel - Portaria Pelion Althea Traditional Hotel

The "Althea Traditional Hotel" is beautifully decorated and furnished, creating a very traditional, authentic and cosy setting in which to enjoy your holidays and travels around the Pelion peninsula.

Althea Traditional Hotel - More Information

Dryadoubaina Traditional Houses - Portaria Pelion Dryadoubaina Traditional Houses

At Dryadoubana Traditional Houses in Portaria you will find a wonderful selection of enjoyable and relaxing accommodation where you can find comfort and great facilities

Dryadoubaina Traditional Houses - More Information

Filokalia Guesthouse - Portaria Pelion Filokalia Guesthouse

At the lovely Filokalia Guesthouse in Portaria, you can enjoy a great range of comfortable and enjoyable accommodation

Filokalia Guesthouse - More Information